Advanced Starter WordPress Theme for Developers

Out of the Box

Nebula is a springboard WordPress theme framework for developers. Like other WordPress startup themes, it has custom functionality built-in (like shortcodes, styles, and JS/PHP functions), but unlike other themes Nebula is not meant for the end-user.

Wordpress developers will find all source code not obfuscated, so everything may be customized and altered to fit the needs of the project. Additional comments have been added to help explain what is happening; not only is this framework great for speedy development, but it is also useful for learning advanced Wordpress techniques.

Custom Functionality

Unlike most starter frameworks, Nebula uses a subtractive approach so many advanced feature-sets are included from the start and can be used as needed or removed entirely. This allows for a starting point for WordPress websites that is further ahead of other frameworks. Features like the recommendation engine for 404 pages and no-search-result pages, or Autocomplete Search are bundled without needing to write additional code.

Example Snippets

Nebula works as a great code repository for those learning web development. The Examples directory has documentation and code snippets for custom functionality that can be cross-referenced against instructions on this website (or use the comments within the files themselves). Examples range from basic WordPress queries to advanced Speech Recognition.


Nebula has a simple options page where data can be stored from the WordPress admin without needing access to the code templates. This page allows for certain features to be enabled/disabled easily as well as for common site utilities to be noted for easy-access from the WordPress dashboard. Nebula also includes a one-click automated initialization that is accessed during theme activation. This will automatically modify WordPress settings to work best with Nebula!


Built-in security functions are bundled with the Nebula framework. Security precautions are logged in Google Analytics to bring attention to what type of attempt has been prevented. These also block known spambots and blacklisted domains (and automatically update).


Hand-selected plugins are bundled with Nebula to ensure the best feature set. Plugins are recommended after theme activation so that the most up-to-date versions are always included. Plugins associated with Nebula are constantly vetted to make sure they are the best available.


This website has utilities to use in real-time without needing to do any coding to implement them (though, they are still bundled with the Nebula install). This allows for things like bearer token generation or environment detection to be used without additional development time. A SASS precompiler is also bundled which allows developers to code stylesheets without needing to compile in an extra step. Those using IDEs like Coda and Sublime can continue working directly on the server if desired.

Learning Tool

Even if you aren’t looking to use Nebula in its entirety as a theme, it is also a repository of useful WordPress snippets. There are examples that range from core WordPress implementations, third-party libraries and plugins examples, and other clever ideas that will work with any WordPress theme! In each example (in addition to bite-sized code snippets) is a link to the Github source code of that actual page, so you can see exactly how that page is generated. Nebula is a great way to sharpen your skills within WordPress!