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Advanced Starter WordPress Theme for Developers

Nebula 5.8.19 January 19, 2018


Out of the Box

Nebula is an advanced starter WordPress theme for developers. The difference between other multi-purpose WordPress themes is that Nebula uses a subtractive approach which means it comes pre-packaged with functionality that will help speed up development as well as preset advanced solutions right out of the box.

Nebula is also useful for newer programmers to learn WordPress theming, and functionality can easily transferred to be used in other themes, too. Use this documentation for working with Nebula or for the utilities and references to help develop your own website.

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Custom Functionality

Nebula has plenty of custom functions to enhance and accelerate development of WordPress websites. Use the real-time filter to look up custom PHP, JavaScript, and Sass functions in Nebula.

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Admin Features & Options

The WordPress Admin Dashboard becomes useful with Nebula’s custom metaboxes. All the information about the server, content, and users is at a glance. You can also quickly search files and manage @todo comments.

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Analytics & Data

Nebula gives developers the tools to speak to each audience individually. It also prepares lots of custom definitions to make Google Analytics much more powerful.

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Security & Optimization

Nebula removes bloat of WordPress and applies asynchronous loading when possible. It also enhances security and even blocks spambots automatically.

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Plugins & Libraries

Hand selected plugins are bundled with Nebula to ensure the best feature set. Other libraries are included to enhance development and user experience including a Sass compiler and device detection.

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Utilities & Reference Tools

From creating campaign URLs for Google Analytics to generating bearer tokens for the Twitter API, Nebula has tools that make your life just a tiny bit easier.

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