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About Chris Blakley

I enjoy many different facets of the design world, so I get to wear a lot of hats. Why don’t you tell me what I am, and I’ll explain a little bit more of that aspect of my life:

I am a...

From print to web and even a little animation, music, and video/photography, I’ve had my hand in every aspect of graphic design. I try to make myself as versatile as possible because in a busy industry, it’s good to have someone that can work on nearly any project regardless of the skill set required.

I’ve been published in several books and even had work appear in a Dreamworks movie. My work has also been seen across the web on sites like SmashingApps and Gizmodo in addition to television channels like the Showtime/Smithsonian Channel. Work that I’ve had a hand in designing and printing can be seen all across Central New York, and other parts of the country.