Gearside Design

Advanced Browser Diagnostics

This lightweight tool detects the capabilities of your web browsing environment. Using javascript and PHP detection methods, it determines useful information such as operating system, browser (and version), screen information (dimensions, resolution, color depth, etc.), flash support, and every feature that is supported (and not supported)! It will even detect your location to show how accurate the location settings of your environment are.

All of this information can easily be emailed to yourself or anyone else. This is a great tool for developers who are troubleshooting a user issue so they can obtain all of the needed information very easily. Using query strings (or the built-in form) you can pre-propagate the email form with your information so all the user needs to do is load the page and click send.

There are some other web apps online that are similar to this one, but none have such a depth of information as easy to use as this one. Click the following link to check it out: