Gearside Design


I overhauled the Gearside design and development from scratch (again) to optimize the organization of the look/feel as well as greatly improve the back-end with things like asynchronous loading to make the pages load much faster. I've also made the navigation more focused by removing some less-used pages/categories.┬áThis version is designed using graceful degradation and… Read more »

This lightweight tool detects the capabilities of your web browsing environment. Using javascript and PHP detection methods, it determines useful information such as operating system, browser (and version), screen information (dimensions, resolution, color depth, etc.), flash support, and every feature that is supported (and not supported)! It will even detect your location to show how… Read more »

I have been working with responsive HTML emails for a good amount of time, and have developed my own method of programming them. My process allows for very fast turnarounds and support for most email clients ranging from Outlook 2000 and Thunderbird to iPad and Gmail. The biggest problem with responsive emails is we're trying to… Read more »

This diagnostic tool detects operating system and browser information of the visitor using PHP and javascript. It determines which method is most likely more accurate and displays that information. Use this by having clients enter your email address and their name into the form to get the information about their system that they may not… Read more »

Ask a designer what the worst font in the world is and you'll probably get an earful of "Comic Sans". Ask "why?" and I'd bet most responses would float around the theme "because it's bad". While I'm not going to sit here and defend the use of Comic Sans, I will argue that it got… Read more »