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Google Daylight Calendar

This is a Google Calendar that you can subscribe to that displays the amount of daylight for your day or week views. Now you can visualize where the sunrise and sunset are in relation to your events! “But Google Calendar already has a sunrise/sunset calendar.” I know, and I used to use it, but it just simply isn’t useful. Unlike the stock Google Calendar, the Gearside Daylight calendar uses the start and end times to create the event instead of making it an all-day event (so you can actually see where it falls). Additionally, my calendar also calculates the amount of daylight there is each day! Convinced? Keep reading!

Prepare your options

Odds are you probably don’t live in Syracuse, NY, so the sunrise and sunset times for me won’t help you at all. Therefore, you’ll need to use certain query strings to tell my script where you’re from. You’ll need to know your geo coordinates (latitude and longitude), your GMT offset, and if you’re a real pro you can customize your zenith too! If you don’t know how to find these options here’s some help:

  • Find your geo coordinates
  • Find your GMT offset
  • Zenith settings:
    • Default: 90.83
    • Civil Twilight: 96 (Conventionally used to signify twilight)
    • Nautical Twilight: 102 (The point at which the horizon stops being visible at sea)
    • Astronomical Twilight: 108 (The point when Sun stops being a source of any illumination)

URL structure

Use the values that you found from the last step and put them into the following format. Replace the numbers below with the ones that you generated! If you do happen to be from Syracuse, you don’t need any query parameters at all!



Syracuse, NY

Importing into Google Calendar

Navigate to your Google Calendar and click the dropdown arrow next to “Other Calendars” on the left sidebar of the page. Select “Add by URL” and paste the customized URL structure from above into the input field that appears:


How do I delete and re-import this calendar?

Click the settings icon in the upper right (it looks like a gear), and choose “Settings”. Then click “Calendars” in the upper left side. Finally, find the calendar in the list below (it’ll be in the second group) and in the appropriate row, click “Unsubscribe” on the far right side.

Why isn’t my Google Calendar updating?

Google Calendar will cache data, so when you re-import you may need to clear the cache by adding more text into the query string. This is accomplished by adding something like “&nocache” to the end of the URL. The letters themselves do not matter, and you will have to change it every time you import, so you could use “&nocache2” or even “&adfgwdfg“. Note: If there are no other query parameters in the URL, you would need to change the “&” to a “?”, for example: “?nocache“.

Have any questions? Let me know— comment below.