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Did you know that you can send a text message to a mobile phone from your email? This allows you to work it into your website code, or for mass-mailers (to get newsletters directly on your phone). Use the list below for the email address to use for each provider. Be sure to replace the placeholder number… Read more »

I thought I'd share some CSS that enhances Trello in both functionality and personalization. To use the following code, you'll need to run styles from your browser. If you're using Chrome, I strongly recommend Stylebot! Once installed, navigate to Trello, open Stylebot, and paste the following code into the CSS editor. I've left each section commented so… Read more »

This is a Google Calendar that you can subscribe to that displays the amount of daylight for your day or week views. Now you can visualize where the sunrise and sunset are in relation to your events! "But Google Calendar already has a sunrise/sunset calendar." I know, and I used to use it, but it just simply… Read more »