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While the idea of "going viral" most commonly refers to videos online, it's been around since the dawn of advertising. Self-perpetuation, or commonly known as word-of-mouth, is the strongest form of advertising, and the only form that can't simply be bought or sold. The psychology behind this pushes the industry for innovation and creativity as… Read more »

This is my template for keeping track of major events in life. It's a lot of fun, and it's also a great motivator to do something memorable at least once per month. You may find yourself spending hours digging through your past to narrow down what month was it when you bought your first car,… Read more »

Let's get entirely ridiculous! Want to confuse your friends or just make celebrities look funny? Follow this easy tutorial and you'll be turning heads in no time. Who says you can't have fun while brushing up on your selections, layer masks, and clone stamp tool? In this funny looking Photoshop tutorial those will be the… Read more »

I've registered the domain in order to provide a shorter alternative to the main domain of Any path in the URL after the domain will be preserved as it redirects to the main domain. I will be adding new short URL features to forward to useful pages using this additional domain. Read more »