Gearside Design


I overhauled the Gearside design and development from scratch (again) to optimize the organization of the look/feel as well as greatly improve the back-end with things like asynchronous loading to make the pages load much faster. I've also made the navigation more focused by removing some less-used pages/categories. This version is designed using graceful degradation and… Read more »

Ask a designer what the worst font in the world is and you'll probably get an earful of "Comic Sans". Ask "why?" and I'd bet most responses would float around the theme "because it's bad". While I'm not going to sit here and defend the use of Comic Sans, I will argue that it got… Read more »

Let's get entirely ridiculous! Want to confuse your friends or just make celebrities look funny? Follow this easy tutorial and you'll be turning heads in no time. Who says you can't have fun while brushing up on your selections, layer masks, and clone stamp tool? In this funny looking Photoshop tutorial those will be the… Read more »

Here’s a fun trick you can do somewhat easily with Photoshop. I love the subtlety of this photo manipulation because many people don’t realize it has been taken under the “knife.” In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make your camera disappear and trick your viewers with this optical illusion. What you’ll need is… Read more »