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This WordPress function will look for TODO comments in your theme files and organize them on your Admin Dashboard inside of a metabox. Each TODO item can have an optional category and priority associated with it. This will help with your theme development so you don't accidentally forget a TODO item, and allows a team… Read more »

This is a WordPress Admin Dashboard metabox that detects and organizes important information for developers. The information ranges from basics like server IP address to more advanced things like domain expiration date and registrar. Some information is useful at a glance while others are good for warnings and page speed. This metabox also provides a search… Read more »

As web developers, we constantly prepare our websites to work if a user has JavaScript disabled. Other practices of graceful degradation are measurable through metrics within Google Analytics, but how can we tell if our users are disabling JavaScript? Additionally, you are missing pageviews on your site by not counting visitors without JavaScript! One lesser-known fact is… Read more »

Nebula is a springboard WordPress theme framework for developers. It has tons of custom functionality built-in (like shortcodes, styles, and JS/PHP functions), but unlike other themes the WP Nebula is not meant for the end-user. Wordpress developers will find all source code not obfuscated, so everything may be customized and altered to fit the needs of… Read more »